5 plans in Valladolid as a couple


Our usual Sunday vermouth list arrives, and we take advantage of our getaway in Castilla y León of this weekend to tell you 5 couple plans in Valladolid (more original or less) to serve those who did not previously know (and that we will complete with more detailed accounts of a cultural or gastronomic route in the next few days). It has also coincided in full Valentine's Day and, although we don't usually celebrate it, why not surprise your partner in Valladolid?

Today we talk about Pucela, but you have ours, or in a series that began with no intention of being such, but that little by little we will be completing as a small list of recommendations without great purposes beyond first contact.

A romantic walk through the Campo Grande Park

An idea that should not be missing from a plan in Valladolid as a couple is a walk through this huge green space of more than 115,000 m2 that in addition to statues and important sources, has one of the most varied fauna and flora from the province.

In fact, we haven't seen peacocks in freedom for a long time. Possibly from the gardens of La Hacienda del Carmen that we saw after the tequila route what we did in Jalisco

The Campo Grande Park is an ideal place to relax and take a walk, far from the agglomeration of other areas. Especially the surroundings of the pond and a small waterfall

In summer, without the cold of this time, a good idea could be a romantic boat ride.

Cover around the Plaza Mayor

We could continue with the cultural issue, but we go to the keyboard. The tapas around the Plaza Mayor is one of the plans in Valladolid that cannot be missing If you come one or several days. !!Spectacular!!

We would not know where to start. Ah yes, thanking all our friends (Juve ...) and readers (Josemi, Anab, Mónica Dorado, Iván Fuentes, ...) for guiding us through the networks these days to make The best route.

The Cathedral of Lady of the Assumption, the University Square, the Church of Santa Maria and dozens of them more that we would not finish enumerating but that we will do in the future.

Especially we were surprised by the whole of the Plaza de San Pablo, with the Royal Palace, the José Zorilla Institute, the Church of San Pablo and the Pimentel Palace. Words are unnecessary

Also the center, around the Plaza Mayor itself, is full of fountains and details worth mentioning for the best couple walk.

Enjoy the nightlife of the city

Whether you like to party or not, the night of Valladolid has to be in those couple plans that cannot be missed beyond Gastronomy. And when the sunset gives way to the city lights, the city ​​atmosphere is transformed

Fridays and Saturdays, which are the ones we know (although they speak well on Thursday) open the way to long nights in which, first thing, those who enjoy good tapas, the most romantic night walks with all the monuments and illuminated fountains or , in summer, a good terrace, usually in the Plaza Coca or Plaza de Poniente.

Those who prolong their night, will find in Paraíso and La Antigua, San Miguel, Cantarranas or some of the discos (Mambo, Kerala ...) their best options, although we can talk less about this because our night ended earlier.

Savor the best lamb in Valladolid

If someone still thinks that he doesn't fall in love with his stomach, he is very wrong. We are in the land of lamb one of the best in Castilla y León and of sublime regulated quality.

There are many Castilian restaurants and grills specialized in this type of meat, but we have found the best lamb that we have ever tasted in the Figon of Recoletos (which we will talk about extensively in another article), a true temple to the sheep or lamb.

The process of preparing pieces of 5 and 6 kilos in clay oven ovens is a ritual that goes from 150 to 190 minutes. The result is superb, both for its crusty crust and tenderness and juiciness

Ah, what don't you like this kind of meat? Castilian soup, black pudding, bell peppers, grilled kidneys... There are many possibilities

And to you, have we convinced you to set up your own Valladolid plans as a couple, whether Valentine's Day or not? Culture, architecture, tapas, gastronomy, walks ... what more could you ask for? Well it has much more (beach on the Pisuerga River, popular celebrations, wineries, ...)

Isaac and Paula, from Valladolid as a couple